Programme facilitators

We, the organisers, are all passionate about education. We love working with English teachers. And we love Edinburgh.

Colin Ellis is an experienced teacher and culture expert with interest in history. He also works as Cambridge ESOL examiner. He will be in direct contact with you via email when you start the online component of the course. Colin is English and lives in Mid Calder near Edinburgh.

Jean Morrison is our British Culture expert. She used to work as a vet (sic!). Then she got her degree in Arts and Culture Studies. She’s taken care of several groups of teachers coming to Edinburgh offering British Culture workshops, tea and shortbreads. Jean is Scottish and lives in the Marchmont part of Edinburgh.

George Shanks is an experienced Edinburgh guide. He also works for Edinburgh Council. He enjoys sharing his love for Edinburgh with others. A regular Edinburgh Festival goer. George is Scottish and lives in the Haymarket part of Edinburgh.